Saturday, 12 February 2011

Love, Love, Love

This is a first for me! The lovely Chrissy has passed along this love award and I thank her HEARTILY for it :

Now I get to choose a handfull of people to pass this love/appreciation award on to. There are so many great, inspiring craft blogs out there and here are five of them:






Thanks for all the love you give me!

A few rules:
You have been TAGGED, and if you wish to play, create a new post, and post this Love Award, tell the person who sent it to you that you accept it, add a link to them.

Then choose 3-5 people to send the award on to, add a link to their  blog, them let them know that you have sent them this award and they are tagged.

The aim for this is to try and bring unknown blogs to light so please don't send to blogs that have 3000 followers.

Feel the love.......



  1. Thank you Becca! I am so honored you thought of me! Have a fabulous just made mine!
    Rene :D

  2. Thanks dear Becca,
    You touch my heart dear with this award.

  3. Thanks, dear friend! Sorry to reply so late but I read your comment in a hurry and later on couldn't find it:( I shall make a post to accept it and forward it to more people.
    Hugs, Iulia


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